The Mission – Change the Universal Approach to Conversion

Online conversion rates sit at a paltry average of about 2-3% worldwide, and thousands of digital marketers and UX professionals spend their entire time feeling in the dark to run tests that will create lift. While intuition from smart marketers often creates winning hypotheses, it fails just as often, if not more often.

The problem is that modern ecommerce sites are too large and visitor behavior too complex to truly take everything into account with post-mortem analytics. A visitor enters a page, searches, adds to cart, removes from cart, watches a video, goes to another product, interacts with chat support–the behavioral path is long and impossible for a human to follow at the scale of thousands or millions of individual visitors.

Working with and learning from large amounts of complex data is the area where machine learning really shines. While machine learning has been around for over 70 years, computing power and the science of machine learning has never been able to predict buying behavior online before now. DXi set out with a mission to change the approach to conversion rate optimization and with the technical team to create a beautiful set of self-learning algorithms custom-made for the task over 3 years of intense development.

More Winning Tests–More Winning Businesses & Happy Customers

We imagine a world in which companies no longer have to waste countless resources picking CRO hypotheses based on intuition that fails more than half the time. If every ecommerce company knew exactly which levers would contribute directly to conversion lift, their marketers, copywriters, and designers could implement more winning experiments right where they’re needed, quickly and consistently driving conversion rates into the stratosphere.

On the customer side, imagine a more elegant and smooth buying experience. Imagine your website visitors getting the exact information they want in a smooth path from attention to interest to desire to action–without getting frustrated and going to check out the competition.

This is the world we imagine at DXi, and it’s the world we make possible using the power of individual user data, smart machine learning, and marketing data science humans to interpret results.

The Leadership Team

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi

Dr. Srinivas Kilambi is a passionate entrepreneur, inventor, and expert developer of big data, predictive analytics, machine learning solutions. Dr. Kilambi’s first company grew from a 1-person startup to 50+ employees and IPO within 24 months. Over the past 20+ years, he has led multiple big data and biotech companies as founder or C-Level executive including Tata Chemicals and Renmatix.

Dr. Kilambi’s passion is to bring big, paradigm-changing solutions to the world. His approach of bringing together passionate and talented teams to solve big problems has led to multiple patents, millions in returns for investors, and industry-changing solutions in biotech and predictive analytics.

Dr. David Dodds

Dr. David Dodds has 30 years of experience leading interdisciplinary process development groups using complex biological methods to perform organic synthesis. He established Dodds & Associates to provide technical advice and management to start-ups in pharma, industrial biotech, and predictive analytics. Dodds & Associates provides technical strategy, management, and due diligence across multiple disciplines and drives growth for multiple disruptive startups.

Dr. Dodds’s passion is to take on large, complex problems with technical diligence and teams of cutting-edge problem-solvers to bring 10X solutions to the world.

The Data

  • Worldwide conversion rate averages are 2-3% according to Industry Retailer

  • $4 trillion of merchandise will be abandoned in online shopping carts this year

  • 63% of that is potentially recoverable

  • Converted abandoners spend 55% more on purchases than non-abandoners

The Technology Behind DXi

  • 25+ proprietary machine learning algorithms work together to measure, find patterns, and identify relationships in the metrics data using decision trees, feature selection, classification, and clustering.

  • A singular numeric index is created to prioritize each metric dynamically based on data feed and patterns.

  • The output combines with 3rd party data like account profiles, personas, purchase history, demographic and firmographic data from ecommerce platforms, marketing automation, and CRM systems

Next Steps

Getting started with DXi is simple. We offer a Proof-Of-Concept setup for a reduced price with a money-back guarantee. Here’s what to do:

Click the button below to set up a consultation call

We integrate with your Google AnalyticsTM service account to pull individual user data

After at least 10,000 unique visitors pass through the system, the machine learning algorithms will have calibrated and we provide the first insight report

You run conversion experiments based on those reports, and we repeat steps 3-4 on regular intervals to continue pushing conversion goals and optimizing for new campaigns.