Stop guessing at which pages and behaviors drive sales. Our reports show exactly which pages, forms, search functions, buttons, and links correlate with which buying habits.

You can use this knowledge to improve those functions and thereby lift conversions.

For example, for one online retailer we found that more searches = more conversions, so they increased their search bar visibility, increased the robustness of their search feature, and added a recommended search function to double conversion rates!


You’re spending thousands, maybe millions, on new traffic acquisition strategies–but sometimes you have to wait weeks or months to know if that traffic will ever complete the sales cycle and convert.

With insights from DXi, we analyze the behavior of new traffic and can tell you whether someone is likely to buy or not before they even know themselves. That’s the power of predictive analytics.

Putting these insights to use can help you quickly cut losing traffic sources and double down on the ones that will win.


Your visitors’ behavior tells a story, and sometimes that story is that they’re about to walk away. Using insights from DXi, you can know when a customer is disengaging before they do–before they even show exit intent–and show an offer they can’t refuse or a proven information piece to strengthen the relationship.

Conversely, if you’re using DXi, you know when someone is likely to buy before they do, and you can tailor the offers and discounts that they see based on that likelihood.

This has saved our customers thousands of dollars in unnecessary discounts while improving conversion rates simultaneously. It’s a total win-win.