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Boost conversions with better hypotheses using the power of predictive analytics, powered by machine learning. DXi reveals the patterns in visitor behavior that correlate with conversion, and insights you can use to focus CRO experiments.

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The Holy Grail of Conversion Optimization Focus

DXi’s proprietary machine learning algorithm learns from your visitors’ on-site behavior to discover exactly what correlates with conversion. You can use this knowledge to create better hypotheses for CRO experiments than with intuition and post-mortem analytics data.

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Experts in relevancy targeting, digital engagement, and more.

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Learn exactly which digital components contribute to higher conversion and why.

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Know exactly where to focus to boost conversions

Real machine learning views millions of relationships and learns what behaviors correlate with conversion before the on-page event. This even shows which individual visitors should have converted but didn’t, and more importantly WHY, based on deep behavioral data learning.

DXi shows the exact, prioritized path for CRO to boost conversion rates into the stratosphere without wasting thousands of hours blindly experimenting. The DXi score acts as a mathematical surrogate for conversion, and analyzes millions of interacting behaviors to determine the ideal path to conversion and how to improve it.

Segment Based on Predictive Behavior

Once you know the on-site behavior that correlates with conversion, not only can you encourage more visitors to convert, but you can also start to see when customers begin to become disengaged, when formerly apathetic visitors begin to show buying intent, and more. This allows for laser-focused targeting of on-page offers, related product recommendations, and more.

You can also see the quality of traffic from your campaigns early in the lifecycle and know if you’re bringing in people that will eventually convert or not. No more waiting around only to find low traffic quality after months of investing in a new acquisition strategy.

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Integrate and Automate

DXi works with all ecommerce platforms and integrates with CRM and marketing automation platforms to deliver insights--like lead scoring and engagement level--fast. However your sales engine works, DXi fits into your stack to deliver action-focusing insights you can use to push the needle to higher conversions.

You can use DXi insights to show targeted offers at the perfect time to individual visitors, enable relevant ads for prospects based on individual engagement level, and predict purchase target resulting in more efficient advertising spend. You can even see when a customer is becoming disengaged and segment for re-engagement campaigns--all based on behavioral analytics.

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Your Data Science Partner

Machine learning requires human intelligence to understand how to put the insights to work. Our world-class team of data scientists is there for you every step of the way, from understanding your conversion goals to delivering targeted insights for experimentation.

DXi’s intelligent proprietary algorithms are backed up with insight service from some of the world’s best marketing data scientists. Now you can get the insights you need to inform CRO work right when you need it.

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DXi Integrates with your platform and marketing stack

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What our clients say

We learned the casual shoes section was key to shopper performance with DXi. They use an ensemble approach–throwing the kitchen sink at the problem by using 25+ different algorithms to identify potential winners/losers.

Gary Angel,

CEO of Digital Mortar

DXi’s ability to listen to an organization’s needs for increased conversion rates for both ecommerce and non-ecommerce sites is unbelievable. Their machine learning platform has worked for improving my client’s conversion rates and I would recommend their solution for anyone looking to do the same.

Gary Davey,

Ecommerce Store Owner

DXi, has developed a Digital Experience index (DXi), enabled with advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques, to help companies revamp their sales by identifying the factors that lead to higher and lower conversion rates.

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How can machine learning predict buying intent?

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